I am a trained specialist using a proven method and best quality materials in order to provide cost effective long term repairs for sash windows and exterior joinery. This can normally be done in-situ and at less financial or environmental cost than replacement.

Sash windows tend to suffer from rot when water has entered loose joints, saturating timber end grain. Areas that commonly suffer are Sash meeting rails, sash bottom rails, window sill ends and window sill bottoms.

I often encounter traditional filler and softwood repairs that have prematurely failed. The timber around a filler repair will expand and contract with moisture and temperature while the filler remains solid. The mismatched joint cracks and without regular painting, water gets in and the rot process restarts.

For over ten years I have successfully used flexible epoxy repair systems which I combine with sapele hardwood splicing instead of softwoods.

I use two flexible epoxy resin repair systems: Repair care and Timbabuild.

Both systems involve the same process whereby rot is removed back to good timber. A two part wood stabilizer is then painted onto the wood surface. Two part resin is then applied and shaped to replicate the removed rotten timber.

I make Sapele hardwood splices to replace larger areas of removed timber such as a complete sill or bottom rail and the resin system is used to join the new and old timber together.

Both resin systems are designed for this purpose and have an elasticity that ensures the joint between resin and timber shouldn’t fail. Machining, drilling, painting etc can all be carried out as normal.

This repair process can be used on all exterior joinery and I offer this service throughout Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.