Draught Proofing

I have been successfully overhauling and draught proofing sash windows for over ten years.

Sash window overhaul includes freeing of stuck or painted shut sashes, replacing broken sash cords, rebalancing weights, replacement ironmongery, additional security and glazing.

Sash window draught proofing involves considerably more, starting with the removal of the sashes, beads and weights.

First the sashes are machined for best fit and a draught proofing brush is fitted into the top / meeting / bottom rails.

The sashes are then weighed and the weights adjusted before refitting with new cords. New parting and staff beads are also fitted that contain a further draught proof brush.

The window is checked and ironmongery fitted as required.

This combination virtually eliminates draughts as well as stopping rattles, reducing noise and increasing energy efficiency.

A draught proof brush can often be fitted around casement windows and exterior doors in order to offer similar benefits.

My draught proofing materials come from DRAFTFIX. They are my trusted supplier and sell 100% British made products that are best quality. Their products and service provide me with complete peace of mind.

I offer my sash window draught proofing services throughout Norwich, Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.